American Classics

O'Learys is turning 30 this year, and we are celebrating!

The American Classics is a tribute to our heritage. So enjoy our favorite dishes, of course with a O'Learys twist.

During January-March you can enjoy these classics:

A juicy burger that picked up some French influences from the city of Providence. Along the burger you'll find grilled aubergine, truffle, mayonnaise, brie cheese, bacon and pickled onions and apples. Everything placed between a potato bun and served with fries.

A great tasting beef dog! Served in a brioche bread together with tomato & onion relish, topped with parmesan-garlic sauce, pickled slaw and crunchy nachos. This dog is served with French fries and parmesan-garlic dip. Just as it should.

To make it extra special, we make sure that for each of these dishes you order, you contribute with two school meals to children in Ethiopia. Read more about our Meal 4 Meal program and how we can make a difference.